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What is the Tribe? The simple answer is, family. Founded late in 2017 the Tribe started as a few and now has grown into something great. With close to 500 members signed up to date. It has become one of the fastest growing online communities for it's value/cost.

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Here's a simple breakdown to some of what your membership consists of:

  • Special Access

    All subscribed members receive access to our members-only website,! Passwords change monthly.

  • Monthly Content

    Every month on the 1st our site gets a complete make over with fresh energy and all new content!

  • Supportive Community

    We are an all inclusive group that see value in everything that makes you uniquely you. As an eclectic bunch we love to learn & grow in the supportive spiritual place we've created.

  • Team of Service Professionals

    Approved and professional, our Team is available for appointments and short-notice sessions. With specialities in: Mediumship, Tarot, Astrology, Akashic Records, Holistic Coaching, Folk Magic and much more!

  • Money Saved

    From standing discounts to monthly small shop features and more we help you save money on the things you want the most!

  • Optional Facebook

    Not required to receive monthly content and incentives but if desired join our private group, there is always something going on and tons of love/support to go around!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I cancel my membership?

Absolutely! There is no contract or obligation. Simply send an email to and request cancelation. No reason needs to be given, though your feedback is appreciate in an effort for us to be better. Cancelations do not require approval and are typically completed within 24 to 48hrs after your request has been received. You will get confirmation via email that your membership has been successfully canceled and your payment method will not further be billed.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, if you are on the fence we'd love to share with you what the experience of the Tribe will be. Free trials are offered during the last week of each month to give you full access for 1 whole week. No payment information is required, simply sign up the following month when you are ready to begin your full-time access.

Is there a money back guarantee or refund?

No. We are competitively priced so low that we believe even if you do cancel the same month you join that out of the $5.50 you spent you will gain something. The only time we offer a membership refund is if we mess up and you were charged an additional month after previously canceling. This rarely but sometimes happens, for instance you submit your cancelation on May 31st but we don't process your cancelation until June 1st. You would in our system still of been charged for June 1st. In this special case we would cancel your membership and refund your $5.50 for June's access.

What if I don't like Facebook?

I actually don't like it either! True story, but now a days I find myself there only because of the Tribe's private community. It is open to members only and about 85% of our subscribed members are linked in there. It is a great way to connect more intimately with fellow members as well as develop friendships and get even more support. With members all around the world, someone is always in the Facebook group! Not only this but it's a place to safely share, receive free readings/guidance, ask for love & light or other prayer requests and more. Many members even do Facebook Lives including myself! Offering a variety of fun from readings, meditations, adventures and more.

Is it really JUST $5.50 a month?

Yes! No bullshit! All of the content that you pay for is housed on our private website which is password protected. Each month the password along with all the content (a literal whole website make over) is performed. Only members that are current in their membership due are allowed access. We offer additional discounts with small shops (such as 20% off with Crystal Bar Soap) and even discounts with members of our Legacy Team such as Shannon Hugman our Tribe Astrologer who gives 50% off to 3LTRIBE members! But all this is optional! Come for the content, stay for the friends, and enjoy the savings.

Also offered monthly are Connections classes. They are bi-weekly on Mondays and held at 8:15pm Eastern Time. They are live classes with replays and class notes available for those who cannot attend during the live class time. These classes are $5 each but are optional. Pay for what classes you want when you want. You can even purchase after the fact for $7. Classes are always 1hr long and are on a variety of topics from: Shadow Work, Soul Contracts, Chakras, Mala Meditation and more. Each month in our Tribe email and on our Facebook page the dates and subjects of the classes are released. After the fact classes are posted to Love, Light & Legacy's Etsy shop for instant download upon purchase. ***Our hope is that when we hit 1,000 subscribed members we make our Connections classes FREE to all Tribe members.

Do you honor household memberships?

Yes. If you are living with someone who would also like to be a Tribe member there is no sense in paying 2 memberships unless you wish to. We appreciate all the abundance but it's not necessary when living under the same roof.

You're Ready. I can feel it!

It's time to do something all for yourself! The ultimate act of spiritual self-care and CONNECT with a group. Whether local or afar it really is never a bad thing to have 'too many' friends! Welcome! You deserve this kind of support!

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