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EST. 2016 Love, Light & Legacy is a Veteran owned small business located out of rural Pennsylvania. The husband and wife team pride itself on creating and shipping handmade products designed with intention that bring value to any spiritual practice. The items made by Love Light & Legacy are products used by the family itself to create a stronger tie to Spirit, deeper connection to faith, and a more purposeful connection to the magical moments woven into life itself.

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Transition: Soy Wax Moon Candle
Transition: Soy Wax Moon Candle
Transition: Soy Wax Moon Candle
Love, Light & Legacy

Transition: Soy Wax Moon Candle

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What our customers are saying

Got my first Love, Light & Legacy candle today from their #TakeYourMoment monthly subscription and I'm completely obsessed! The scent is amazing, I seriously want to see if I an order another to burn because I want to keep this one forever!

@septembersunaura "Melissa"

Happy, happy, candle-glitter-crystals mail day today! I can't get enough of these Love, Light & Legacy candles! I also got the loveliest card reading with my candles too that came at just the right moment, as always! Thank you Devin, made me ugly cry again and it was just so good for my soul! Join the #3LTRIBE if you haven't already and order these candles! They are epic! The red one smells like Big Red chewing gum!!

@fiercemagicvibe "Barbara"

I received my 2019 New Years Bundle and I am so excited I got it! I'm in love with every detail put into it! If you haven't already done so check out Devin's store! Such a light to have in your life!

@michiangel "Rose"