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adjective: of extraordinary quality, as if arising from a external creative impulse

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Welcome Sweet Soul!

I am so happy to see you've found your way here. It was early summer of 2017 that I decided something had to happen - something had to be CREATED, a SPACE for love - nurture - support and giving. An environment that would lend itself to gratitude and a bond that would connect people all around the world. A Tribe.

Here's what's included:

*Content that changes monthly. In depth video energy forecast, mini OracleScopes (done per Astrological sign), Membership pricing, access to the Membership Only content collection (view, download, save any member only videos, audios, downloads & more!), and 15% off ANY one-on-one service. BUT WAIT, there's more...

I want to make this a real thing, a COLLECTIVE thing. So during some months there will be special features, bonus meditations, webinars, bogo sales, presales, happy mail to your front door and who knows what more!

The Tribe OPENS June 1st

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Patrons get more! Did you know I air monthly episodes just for my premium podcast subscribers!? Each month an energy forecast is aired to prepare you for the days and weeks to come, but typically there's more! Anything from interviews to meditations, how to tips and exercises. Even if you can't give a little , download PODBEAN on your phone - find and follow me and you'll gain access to tons of FREE content!

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Some of WHO we LOVE :)

All Because 2 People Fell in Love...


Married since 2014, it wasn't until mid 2016 that we turned the already successful business adventures of Mystic Moons Tarot into a family affair. And so Love, Light & Legacy was born. Inspired by the intimate workings and design of a classic mala. We wanted to bring spiritual tools to a wider audience. And so, two minds became one business mind and we opened shop to meet multiple spiritual and meditative needs. Together through hand crafted care we now supply malas of all types, handmade wood worked spiritual tools, zen home décor and more. From my family to yours.

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