April Challenge

Are you ready?

Look, I take my social media challenges...seriously. Why? Because my life is hectic as it is, I don't need ANOTHER thing pulling my attention - especially when I have so much to focus on. So why April and why this style of challenge? For those who don't know, my birthday is in April and as another year of my life turns around this world, I am reflecting. So why not publicly reflect? Why not share and show others there's beauty in expressing. The world needs more of that! Fearless expression. And why this challenge? Well, it's not my typical challenge - let's be honest. Normally my challenges involve cards and intuition, but this time I wanted to bring in everyone not just my fellow mystics and readers. Everyone could use a little self-satisfaction. So why not create a month long challenge that has you showing up while others show up too, let's all be supported AND inspired!


So how does it work.

Starting April 1st and ending April 30th challenge accepters will post a photo per day to any of their social media outlets using the hashtag #thestickypositivity. This way we all can connect and follow the 30 day journey. The photo MUST contain a stick note, on which an affirmation, a prayer, a positivity, a note of gratitude, whatever! So as long as it brings you peace and makes your soul smile. For those who can't get sticky notes physically, download a text app and use a photo of a sticky note, then simply type in your note for the day. Keep your notes and if possible at the end of the 30 days put them up somewhere and take a picture with or of you and your 30 days of positivity.


Those who accept the challenge will be eligible to receive a brand new NEW edition I Am Power Deck (@i_am_powerdeck on Instagram).


*The final photo of ALL your notes is extra credit and doesn't have to be done in order to be eligible to receive the prize deck.


A winner will be chosen based on creativity and accountability on May 1st. This giveaway is not sponsored or endorsed by Instagram or it's affiliates. International is okay, private accounts can play along but most be public the last day of the challenge so I can see your posts. No age limit.


Are you accepting the challenge!?

Comment and let me know!


  • Elaine Perez

    I need this! I just launched my essential oils/motivational self help page and this aligns perfectly! Whoop whoop!

  • Twyla

    This is awesome! Hope I remember to post daily lol.

  • Cara

    I love it! I’m can’t wait for April to come

  • melissa

    love it! i’m in too!

  • Corey

    This sounds fun! I’m totally in. ❤️

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