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Gosh it feels so long ago now, but many moons ago while in the middle of a live client session via phone the Universe spoke to me - well, more like "idea vomited". And I was instantly struck with an idea for a 3 card spread. Now, many of you may know - some of you won't, but I'm a little anti-spreadsy when it comes to reading cards. NOT THAT THERE'S ANYTHING WRONG WITH USING THEM, just not for me. My head says, yes! But my gut says, no. So I operate under the right place, right time when using spreads for intuitive guidance. With all that being said - this powerful little 3 card spread was crafted on the spot and has become a very go to tool of my resources. Now, we're all familiar with Past, Present, Future spreads and even the Mind, Body, Spirit - but this spread, at least to me, takes it one step further. You see the Know - Show - Grow spread just connects. Literally! Use it daily! Use it weekly! Use it for different discussion or curiosity points, even monthly or with different decks. It's AMAZING the results that can be given, and heck no it's not just for Tarot!


So let's break it down...

Grab the deck closes to you now, take in some good solid deep breaths in (I suggest 3) and really relax into your place of being right now. Shuffle your cards up, pull and place 3 cards down.



What YOU need to know right now?

Now, as I tell clients - or even my own stubborn self when I sling cards on the occasion for me...this is something, or should be, you already know! The card that lands in this position is not necessarily meant to shock and awe or surprise you. Sweet soul, it's what you know but given to you from a different perspective, I like to say from the Universal perspective. If you're new to readings it might even be a good idea to reach out to another reader or friend and ask them to read this card for you. Let them know you pulled a card asking it, "what is it that I need to know right now?". Especially for the intuitive who's unbiased on the situation this should be fairly easy. But if you don't have someone to reach out to or perhaps are just a little confused, try this. Grab a pen and paper and write. Take notes on the card, what it means, perhaps why you feel it's come up, why you feel it doesn't connect if you're having issues placing the lines between the dots. It's magical what can happen by stretching out your understanding and taking time to physically write explanation. This card placement is your light bulb moment - be check in, make sure your electric bill is paid up and let that light come on.



What YOU need to physically being doing right now?

It's not that hard, I promise. ALL cards can be considered in a physical sense - placed in a formality of actually 'doing' something. Sometimes you just have to allow yourself to think creatively to apply cards such as The Hanged Man or the 4 of Cups into this category (should they, or another similar land here for you). The big thing is don't overthink this card. Show. This is what needs to SHOW UP in your life more, or what you need to SHOW through your life. For example pulling a card such as the Queen of Pentacles, traditionally a card known well for fortune and abundance, having it together and seeing forward not back. Easy right? But what if you are NOT there. What if you are struggling to pay the bills as each comes in, one after the next? You might pull the Queen of Pentacles and feel instant resentment. Reacting to the card instead of enacting! For this example sweet soul the Queen of Pentacles says something to the sort of, stop. Stop what worries and ales you and start thinking like the Queen, like the have all, be all person that you are! When you worry less about the output and focus more on your own self input you can quite literally turn the tides. Remember the cards aren't always meant to read your exact moments, sometimes, especially in Tarot, the finger gets pointed - not to blame, but to direct you on a path you seek. Be the seeker!



What YOU need to grow in your life?

This isn't hard. Promise. Whatever card lands here simply wants you to nurture and grow over the course of your coming days, weeks, months and sometimes on even through your year. A lot of times the card that lands here speaks to a characteristic to your soul or person. Just think TLC. Even if what lands here is The Devil. First off, no we aren't asking you to give a sacrifice and grow a relationship with this entity/figure. It's kind of opposite, grow what needs release. An individual that may pull this card in this position is being strongly advised that release is not just suggested but necessary. That it won't just be once, but multiple times with multiple things. That it's time to not just grow change and an uplift of attitude and life but to be an advocate of change as permanence in your life. Make sense? Bottom line, even when a 'scary' card falls here - it's not to scare you away it's to deliver a message.


So what's yours today?

Write it down - perhaps snap a photo to remind you or start a journal.

Even feel free to share on Instagram or other social media, hashtag it #mysticmoonsmademedoit.


Want to get a little crazy with it? Take the card at the bottom of the deck, known often as a "shadow card", though I often refer to it as a "theme card" and take a look. What's the first thing to come to your mind? Does it shake things up or shake in some sense?


Happy reading moon beams!!! 


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