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Lets be honest, THIS mom rarely has time to get gussied up and put her best face forward. BUT some of my 'must' have and must use items come from Silver Linings Lavender (find them on Instagram @sllavenderfarm, or read to the bottom of the blog for a clickable link to get your shop on!). I also enjoy using Moon Rise Creek's make up products, which again - for the sake of full disclosure is only their mascara! This isn't because that's the only good product they make, it's simply because I suck at make up and it's about the only thing I have time to slap on! Find them on Instagram at @moonrisecreek.


Though I have A LOT of favorite products from Silver Linings, I think my top of the top favorites is the Rise & Shine bar soap. LITERALLY I use it daily and sometimes twice a day. It makes my face, neck and chest feel AH-MAZING on top of it giving my skin the little added boost it needs. Now, again I warn you - for the sake of complete honesty. I don't know exactly WHY these things are amazing, or why they work. And normally I would do my research, you know, come across a bit more studious, BUTTTT...I think when it comes to handmade products, especially stuff for self care - it's best that YOU do the research. Everyone is different, everyone's skin is different and everyone likes different things. So take my opinion for what it's worth and try them out for the sake of shopping small and supporting big dreams if something catches your eye as a few items always seem to do when I go looking.

One of the greatest things, and FYI this a great business tip for those searching for some, she always includes samples!!! What a smartie right!? It was actually BECAUSE of a sample (the rise & shine bar) that I just recently purchased the actual sized one in her shop - granted the sample still hasn't run out, but I wanted to show my support to her and the amazing shop she's built.


Of the other things I've tried...

Candles - amazing, seriously get yourself one.


Facial oil - AGAIN, she sent me a sample, I was a little apprehensive to use it. Naturally my skin is 'middle ground' not to dry not to oily, but after a shower one super cold winter evening I slapped some on. Guys, game changer! I loved the way it smelled, I loved that a little goes a long way (be honest, who doesn't want bang for the buck right!), it leaves your skin feeling and looking amazing!!! Just be sure to apply the right amount and rub it in thoroughly. I find doing it at night is best, but no lie, on occasion I use it during the day too! Needless to say I'm still on my sample bottle but purchased the larger bottle so I'm prepared once I run out.


Hot oil Hair Treatment - now, I haven't tried this hot but what I have done as my hair - long and thick, gets really dry! I tried it in the shower. Para the directions I wet my hair first then applied and let sit. I shaved, washed and hung out in the quiet hot shower - every mother's dream right? Then rinsed and shampooed. My hair felt SEXY ya'll! I did a quick blow dry and I won't lie, I took this shower sometimes after 7pm on a week night, but I was kind of bummed I didn't have a place to go!! I wanted to rock this new hair feel this treatment had given me! I'll definitely be purchasing and using again.


Massage oil - again, a sample! This was the life saver of the last part of my pregnancy! Not only did I use it for self but I also got my husband to use it on my poor feet! Hubby for the win! Similar to the facial oil this stuff is great. My husband even still uses it (though we are almost out) for his cracking and super dry hands/knuckles. It's the only thing that gives him relief other than straight up coconut oil!


If I've not convinced you go to buy - then seriously I don't know what else to say. It's a great shop, quick shipping and beautiful soul owner. I definitely will be a repeat customer and am so grateful to her that she actually has created product(s) that are quick and easy to use and that I personally ENJOY working with. It allows for this busy mom to stop, even just for a few moments - and practice self-care. And what a truly beautiful gift that is. THANK YOU SILVER LININGS LAVENDER for being just what my soul needs. Blessings and abundance your way soul sister!


Get YOUR shop on, CLICK HERE to visit the Silver Linings Lavender store.

Use discount code IGFRIENDS for 10% off, but be sure to follow her first!



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