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Starting early in 2019 our small shop began working hand in hand with other businesses (big & small, local & non-local) to bring ideas to life in candle form. From branded candles to sell online or share in their brick and mortars, to candles for a specific purpose, intent, talent or passion. We hope to continue working with these shops and more throughout the year to bring whatever it is in your heart to life. 2 financial options are available for our "branded" or "collaboration" candles and if you'd like to know more find the item DESIGN FEE and read the item description. Options can be changed and are not permanent.

Currently our design fee is set at $20 but this will go up as the year progresses. A design fee is a one-time payment per label idea or collaboration and covers energetically the cost of time/energy put into designing your custom label, discovering the candles look and more. All collaborators receive a free candle in the mail to try and approve, made complete, all that's required is paid shipping.

We also offer candle designs for retreats, subscription boxes, weddings and more.

Let's work together!!

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