3L Magazine: Issue 2 OCT 2018

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The #3LMagazine (Love, Light & Legacy Magazine) is a fully self-published print and digital magazine that now publishes once a year. Our second issue is published October 2018 and next issue won't be until June 2019. Each issue contains an eclectic collection of spiritual-based articles meant to inspire as well as inform. All the articles featured in the magazine are written by current members or past guest who have been featured in the online private community, www.thetribelife.com otherwise known on social media as the #3LTRIBE. ADs in the magazine are also of current members of the Tribe. Article and AD submissions are accepted for subscripted Tribe members only.

This issue is 44 pages long cover to back with more content and less advertisement!

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***DURING PREORDER PRICES FOR PHYSICAL COPIES INCLUDE SHIPPING. Thy physical magazine this issue cost $22 (our first issue was $18 but had LESS pages. Our magazine is printed in premium quality we are sorry for the price increase but promise it is worth it! 


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