Whether you are considering your first mala or buying your 50th, malas are spiritual adornments. Hand knotted with care and consideration. Giving a date of creation along with an affirmation to honor (all of which is included on your mala instruction card that goes out with each mala made, it also details what your mala was made of so you'll never forget the supplies used and the magic your mala carries) - I personally think of malas as a Spiritualist's rosary as there are similar traits to how Catholics use their beads. Usually made with 108 beads/stones/crystals on occasion our malas will be less or more. Traditional (108 beaded) malas are marked. Malas keep count in a basic sense for the person reciting, chanting or mentally repeating a mantra/affirmation/or prayer. A variety of faith-bases and culture groups use and honor malas, so don't worry - malas are for everyone!