Custom Mala Necklace

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A mala is a string of beads used to assist and even maintain meditation and/or prayer practices. Malas can be strung on a variety of things, however I choose to use nylon knotting cord as I've found overtime it is the most durable in withstanding day-to-day life, kids, pets, weather and use. Though it is not uncommon to restring malas, I prefer you don't have to. Should your custom piece ever need to be restrung due to damage, wear or break it is free. Simply contact us at: or through the website via our Contact Us page and we'll setup a drop off/shipment time. Mala owners are required to pay shipping for there mala to come in for repair but will not be charging shipping when the mala is returned.

*Please note I will not restring or repair a mala that I've not made. If you are looking for someone who will however please contact us for assistance. They charge $30 + return shipping.

As far as the beads go, I specialize and prefer to use authentic crystal or gemstone beads. I use a supplier who is local and only provides the best. No treated or dyed only quality.


What can you expect from a custom piece? Everything. After your purchase we will setup a consultation which can be done via phone, Skype or email. You'll be able to book a date and time at your leisure where in you'll also fill out a questionnaire that we'll discuss during our call. Custom purchases are GUARANTED. Meaning if you don't love what I produce we simply start over. The price of tracked and insured shipping is INCLUDED in the price. There is also a 14 day guarantee on your mala. Should you receive it find it is not to your satisfaction or connecting as you wished with your energy you can return it no questions asked and we'll start the process over again.

*Please note we do not accept or offer refunds on custom orders due to the time, energy, and supplies invested per piece. Refunds will only be granted in energetic circumstances should I and you not feel matched.


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