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What is the #3LTribe

The simple answer is, family. Founded late in 2017 the Tribe started as a few and now has grown into something great, every day - every month getting better. With over 400 members currently subscribed the Tribe mostly operates off it's private website, which can only be access with a code that is emailed out monthly to active members. With an optional private Facebook group also included, nothing is missed and everyone feels supported!


But what's REALLY included for the $5.50 a month? Well first off, you can opt to sign up for $10 one time payment, but you won't be subscribed so you'll have to remember to sign back up each month manually. Or you can keep it simple and subscribe and save for only $5.50 a month (taken out the 1st of each month) this is not a locked in membership so you can cancel anytime.


▲ 20-30min Energy Forecast: this is done using traditional Tarot cards and projects/forecasts the coming days in each new month.

▲ Astrological Forecast by our very own Astrologer Shannon Hugman of

▲ 1 new Yoga class a month by our very own instructor Alexis Agnew (who also see's clients privately).

▲ Oraclescopes

▲ A Monthly Small Shop Feature w/ discount code

▲ A Monthly Guest Feature who shares and brings content connected to each month's new theme/focus. Anything from a meditation to a class or even e-book can be shared, we leave it up to them!

▲ For 2018: Each month a free course will be included for Tribe members to take if they wish. We kicked off the year with a Runes class we have plans to teach other classes that include but aren't limited to: Shamanism, Candle Making, Reiki (with certification), Psychic and Paranormal studies, Deck Creation and more!

▲ Access to archived content

▲ Sacred Sundays - "church" for the modern day spiritualist

▲ Free one-on-ones with Devin

▲ Drastic discounts on sessions for intuitive card readings, psychic services, mentorships, coaching and more (we plan to offer all of these for FREE to Tribe members once we hit our member goal).

▲ Tribe member only giveaways

▲ Prebuy options to some of more exclusive items 

➳ Optional private Facebook group to share, post, buy, sell, trade and more!

➳ Optional book club each month with book suggestion, prompts and more

➳ Optional online marketplace for active Tribe members to sell items/services even take their first step into becoming a full on entrepreneur! The marketplace will be open for members and non-members to buy and experience from. 


**NOTE: Paypal is sadly not an option for checkout/reoccurring payment as it was part of our previous subscription issue (gateaway issue) if PAYPAL is your absolute only way to pay, do not fear! Simply click the button below and you'll be taken to a secure Paypal page to sign up. Questions? Email, thanks!


Frequently Asked Questions:

- What are the differences in membership options? One-time purchase or Subscribe & Save? When you purchase the "one-time purchase" you are only paying for access for the month your purchase is in. For example if you buy January 7th, your membership is paid until January 31st. We do this because our membership content changes monthly. We prefer Tribe members to simply "subscribe & save" because not only will it save them money, 45% off making it only $5.50 a month but it also automatically pulls the $5.50 membership fee on the 1st of each month - meaning you don't have to remember to pay you dues. Each month on the 1st by noon eastern time an email is sent out to all active members with the new password so they can enter and view the new months content.


- Can I cancel my membership? Absolutely, though I hope you don't. Memberships can be canceled anytime this by no means is a 'locked in' thing like a rental agreement or car purchase. Membership cancellations are handled via email, simply email or and your membership will be canceled same day. Please note that even after a cancelation is submitted the membership will remain active until the end of the month. For example, if you canceled your membership January 16th you'll membership will be canceled and not further billed for $5.50 on February 1st, but your membership stay open/good standing until January 31st.


- What is pre buy? Love, Light and Legacy along with my services site Ambient Light Tarot offer some exclusive or high demand items, because of this I've decided to allow for Tribe members to have the option of pre buying. This is typically done 24hrs prior to the date given for general public. For example if I am doing a candle update on August 7th then the Tribe members will be offered access to purchase (pre buy) August 6th. These pre buys are mentioned in the monthly email that contains the new Tribe password as well as reminded on Facebook and Instagram.


- You say "and more" in the description? What is more? There's so much it's hard to explain! Especially because the Tribe is constantly evolving. Currently "more" is all the support, advice, and free space given on our private Facebook community. More is also the new pins we've ordered that have our logo and sequential numbers on the back giving us a feeling of membership and unity - these will arrive (500 of them!) in March and will go out to all current members as well as new members at least 2 months old :) but more is also what goes on behind the scenes. The friendships being forged, the consumer consciousness amongst Tribe members who are supporting and buying from other Tribe members (things and services). We added a yoga instructor, and an astrological point of view. We are also looking to provide an emotional/health a wellness coach to be there whenever a Tribe member may feel 'in need'. The Tribe is a community that grows and cares. We support each other in the sadness and stress and we celebrate each other in the triumphs and "I got through the..." days.