About Us!

Dear Visitor, I'm so glad your here.

I'm Devin - curator of this space, mother to sons, lover to a wonderful man. Though I've been held by the world for such a short time, I have already lived so fully. I've shifted skins more times than I can count - from a twelve year old entrepreneur, building my own horse riding business, to a chaplain's assistant in the US Army. And again, to a wife, to a single mother, to a lover, to a spiritual guide. I think this is why I'm so called to coach, and to teach. 

My journey into the practice of tarot reading evolved as you might expect. My mother passed away in 2008, and shortly after, I was deployed to Haiti, to help with the earthquake relief. Just outside the entrance to our camp, there was a Haitian woman who practiced spirituality like I had never seen. It wasn't Christianity or Catholicism - it was magic; it was something you can make with your hands. 

I was enchanted by the pureness and the intuitive flow of it all. A great shift moved through me, and I began grabbing hold of the pieces that I had been fumbling to catch my entire life. I had come home. Upon returning to the states, I started my tarot business by reading from pop up booths around town. In 2015, I opened an Etsy shop and began offering phone, email & handwritten readings to people from all over the world. 

You and I, we were meant to do this together. I believe in the power of intuition, in chance, in everything unfolding as it should. You're here for a reason . Dear one, don't worry. We've got this. I'll catch you.



As far as "we" go, the Makers behind 3L - we met back in 2014 and the rest is history really, but because you all like a good story I'll indulge a bit. It was love at first site...okay, too much? It was though. We met, sparks flew, love grew and the next thing I knew we were saying "I do" and moving across the country to make our own life. Eventually that life grew even closer together in the summer of 2016 when we decided enough was enough and we wanted to truly run our business together without anyone else's business to mind, and so Jordan (hubby) quit his job...shortly after we found out we were pregnant with Henry...*insert panic* but we made it through. Looking at it all from the other side it was a plan not of my own. Not only do we create memories now together, but pieces that now sell through our shop and go home to you. We now bring spiritual tools to a wider audience combining the adventures of Mystic Moons Tarot with our family based shop, Love, Light and Legacy. Two minds joined a one and now the shop shares items hand crafted with care, malas made in all styles and types, card decks for divination, zen home décor and more.