Give a Mala

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. - Churchill

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Year round Love, Light, & Legacy practices the art/act of giving and in doing so we decided early on in the opening of our shop to create and make a mala every 4 months to simply give away to someone who might not otherwise we able to purchase a mala or who is just in specific need for the piece we've created. Each mala is different and handcrafted by Devin herself. We give malas away and announce each April, August, and December. To read and see more follow us on Instagram at @love_light_legacy and search the hashtag #projectgivespirit.


Malas have become SUCH an important part of our lives here at 3L that we had to implement a free program to allow others to feel the same. This is NOT a giveaway, but a sacred contract from us with the Universe to help teach, show, express and share malas worldwide. Donations are accepted (click above or below and you'll be redirected to Paypal secure checkout), regardless of donations/donation amounts we give! Malas are costly to make as these malas are the same quality as the ones we sell in our shop. Only quality stones/crystals are used, the finest silk and the best shipping quality. And we do offer this program worldwide! Anyone can receive just as anyone can give/support.


Want to apply? It's easy!

Email us your story. No applicants private information/story/contact information is shared. You will not be asked for your shipping information or other personal information unless you have been selected as a receiver. We announce via Instagram first and then send out a personalize email to the selected receiver with each cycle, so please if your an Instagrammer please include your username so we can tag you, otherwise only your first name and last initial will be posted.

Our email is: please subject line it GIVESPIRIT

ALL applicants are saved! This means your always in the pool to be selected even if you aren't chosen one month that doesn't mean you can never receive. We keep special file on our email to save all applicants stories/requests. AND you can apply for someone else! We love it when friends, parents, children, husbands, etc apply for the person they love to receive a mala it makes it that much sweeter to give!


Thanks so much for being here :)