What's a Mala?

So Your Thinking of Investing in a Mala?

I can say without doubt that malas have CHANGED my {spiritual} life.

I stumbled into ownership of them, and fell in love with the feeling. I was awed by their process of creation and the craft placed into design. So when I asked, "can I make this?" and the Universe responded, "why not?" I jumped in the deep end of love and found a passion and purpose in being a soulful creator of sacred intention and mindful pause. Malas have taught me about myself and reminded me to care for myself. They've been a daily reminder of my affirmations, intentions, hopes, prayers and more and every now any then when I'm lucky - they are the conduit of miracle making.

Tell Me More...

Malas are widely used across various spiritual, cultural and religious beliefs/interests. The 'traditional' meditation mala, at least in my own personal opinion is designed of 108 beads finished off with a 'summit' bead also known as a 'guru'. The materials that which a mala can be created from are wide ranging - including - crystals, gemstones, Rudraksh, and wood. Each type of material can have certain properties which subtly can affect the subconscious mind of the user or can support the user's intention. For example: working with a mala made mostly of Rose Quartz could allow the user to feel the properties that this vibrational crystal carries. Things such as positive communication, unconditional love, support, awareness and more.

How Do I Use One?

Relax! It's not as hard as you think! Mala usage can never really be 'wrong' as long as it makes you feel right. Don't ever doubt your own idea of spiritual practice. But, in case you need some ground work, here's a description of the more 'traditional' way to use your new mala baby.

Traditionally a mala is held in the right hand.

1. Hold the mala with the guru bead up so that it is your starting point.

2. Using your middle, pointer and thumb maneuver the mala from one bead to the next - using your thumb to manipulate the movement.

3. Continue this motion until you've gone the full rotation back around to the guru bead.

You don't however want to 'pass over' the guru so if your planning on a longer meditation finish on the guru and then flip the mala around, allowing you to go back around the loop in the opposite direction.

Alternative Methods:

Well of course there is!

Remember Dear One - everyone's spiritual path/practice is different. Besides for the more traditional mala meditation practice, you can also put your mala on while holding the thought of your intention in your mind. Wear the mala for as long as you need - sometimes I even wear mine for the day! You can also take up your mala and hold it in it's entirety in your hand, close your eyes, drawn in and let go of breath while affirming, using a mantra, reciting a prayer or holding an intention.

But wait there's more!

Well, there's many more ways I'm sure - but another way I enjoy using my malas personally is for 'blessings'. I will give a mala the intention of blessing, cleansing, protecting and harmonizing. I've done this by hanging a mala on my rear view mirror in my car, setting it on my alter/meditation space, placing it on my yoga mat and even hanging from a door knob such as my child's room to promote peace, health and rest.