2019 Prayer Candle

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*Exclusive for #3LTRIBE members only! Instructions will come with the candle but the idea is that as a collective we are saying GOODBYE 18 and welcoming in the New Year, 2019 with warmth, support, glow and wishful intention! You have the option of scented (Lavender, Rosemary & Sage - legit I feel it's what Heaven smells like!! It was previously featured in our Owl Spirit candle) or unscented. The candle will be made with Soy Wax and a zinc free wick. These candles are made with phthalate free fragrance and will be topped with Himalayan Salt for its purity, detox and cleansing properties.

**If you are purchasing a candle for another member please let me know via the checkout notes so the candle can be sent to the proper home. Due to the donation you aren't required to cover the shipping cost of the gifted candle but it does help us as a shop continue our work. Please do not feel pressure though. We appreciate your act of kindness!