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Welcome to The Connection, inspired by a series of bi-weekly classes I taught back in 2018, I long missed the content, value, and time spent with others during this 1hr escape from day-to-day. It was always an opportunity to be open, to share, to learn and most importantly to connect.

March of 2019 I decided after much consideration to close a long loved group known as the #3LTRIBE for various personal and business reasons. I have taken my experience: the good, bad and ugly and learned so much as to now apply it here. Starting over especially after 2yrs with the same group is hard, but if you are reading give me hope. Change is terrifying, but how are we ever to truly know unless we try?

The Connection is a limited access group, meaning we only accept the first 108 people. After that we will accept 3 on scholarship but only after our seats are filled.

I want - and you should want it too if you are considering joining, 108 people who WANT to be here. This doesn't mean your life has to revolve around the group, but we do want you to be apart, to be your best-self and when you aren't feeling your best, we want to be right there by your side helping you too. This group operates as a monthly subscription with member dues billed/paid on the 7th of each month. Membership fees cover all member experiences, including our seasonal membership mail.


Here's what you can expect:

- a monthly forecast done via recorded video detailing the energies you may encounter during the designated month (valued at $20)

- astrology insight from our resident Astrologer, Shannon Hugman (valued at $20)

- Oraclescopes (5-8min recorded audio clips) detailing your signs specific energy for the month (valued at $5 per)

- weekly Monday morning energy focuses email with activity/reflection (designed to take a more intimate view on what's going on) (valued at $10 per)

- weekly Sunday night Connections *replays are sent out in the following Monday morning email, these Sunday night Connections offer members a chance to come together and learn, communicate, meditate and more. Each Sunday a different topic, class, or meditation is discussed/completed. It's probably one of the greatest parts of being in this group as it's a weekly chance to gather with other likeminded people, a reboot before the new week kicks off. (valued at $25 per)


Members are given access to a place where all the content is organized for members to refer to whenever they would like.

Members are also given the opportunity to connect more closely in a private Facebook group (optional).


For $50 a month you get all of this...and more.

We know how much happy mail can mean to a person and I finally got my organizational butt in gear (something I admittedly lacked before) and am excited to say that members will also receive bi-monthly gifts valued at $10 or more + your shipping is covered (International members are welcome!) it may not be your next Master Crystal delivered to you each month but I assure you that it will be something you enjoy and/or appreciate.

All of this tallies up to +$200! But you are only paying $50.

You can cancel anytime, you aren't locked in but know after we fill up your space will be given to the next person on our wait list.


If you join this group it's because you WANT to be here. You are genuinely INVESTED in connecting to more spiritually-minded people like yourself and you WISH to continue not only your own individual practice but want accountability in doing so.


Best off all this group CAN and WILL offer more. Thinks like early bird purchasing, standing discount with Love, Light & Legacy and potentially other shops too, free admittance into upcoming challenges, programs and classes - plus more.


Oh and before I forget we've put together an absolutely AMAZING Welcome Box that ALL members receive after their 2nd month of membership processes. Welcome Boxes are mailed within 2-4 months after payment processes on your second month. This is because everything is handmade. Welcome Boxes include, a handwritten letter from me, a mala necklace from Earthly Roots, a crystal AND exclusive Connect candle (your choice scented or unscented). This Box all together costs well over what you pay per month + shipping, but this is because I want you to know this isn't just a group your apart of, this is a gathering, a connection of light workers, manifestors, mediums, believers, receivers and more. All here because they care about themselves, and others.


This group is solo hosted by me, Devin Stickler with potential guests popping in here and there, and astrological assistance from Shannon Hugman and Lora Zuanic.


I make no guarantees with this group but can assure you it could potentially be one of the best investments you've made for yourself.


Questions? Email


**One month trials are offered only if space is available. After we hit our 111 goal a waiting listed is created and new members are offered a position based by when they requested. Trial memberships are a 1 time payment of $25 with a money back guarantee. There is no cancelation required after the free month you simply won't be charged unless you decide to subscribe.


***Scholarship positions are a vetted process. If you are interested in a reduced membership fee scholarship please email subject line SCHOLARHIP to be considered. We will reply back with a questionnaire. AT THIS TIME THERE IS 1 OPEN SCHOLARSHIP POSITION AVAILABLE.