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Infinity Mala™ : Serenity


The Infinity Mala™ features a no beginning and no end type feel that combines the power of the angelic / spiritual number 200 with the sacred symbolism of the infinity symbol. Because it mimics the infinity flow when worn around the neck, this just over 3ft hand knotted piece not only looks good but feels good. Made with 2 Guru beads, one at each 'end' you can choose to wear your new mala with Gurus at the back (touching spine) or down in front giving it more of a traditional mala necklace feel.

Serenity (the mala pictured here) features 14mm Rose Quartz Gurus, along with both 8mm flashy Moonstone and beautiful Lotus Jasper. Serenity balances the yin/yang energies and in doing so promotes: healing and peace. She enhances your ability to relax and recharge even if faced with conflict or difficult situations. She also has the ability to assist those going through a time of loss or grief, allowing them to gently feel which promotes an more organic healing process. Overall this mala supports the power already inside you, reminding you that it's always there and gently pushing you to pull it out. This mala is excellent for meditation and can be used traditionally or non traditionally.


Have questions about mala meditation? Shoot us an email at support@lovelightandlegacy.us and we'll be happy to help as well as answer any questions you may have.
So why 200 beads?
The number 200 blends together the energies and number attributes of both 2 and 0 and because the number zero appears twice it's vibrations are magnified. In speaking 'Angel Numbers' this number represents: devotion, faith, and trust. It connects you to your deepest knowing, allowing you to feel in-line with your life's purpose and/or soul mission. It also is a number that encourages as well as helps assist connection with Spirit and the Angelic realm. This number supports the efforts of manifestation, desires and helps those who trust it's vibration to overcome challenge and obstacles. Overall when using this number you feel connected to the 'bigger picture', allowing you ease of access in operating from your own highest good while also feeling ease in trusting the Universe and practicing unconditional love.
Why this symbol?
As many know this iconic symbol is known far and wide, but it's message to a lot of people can be personal and intimate. Overall this symbol evokes a feeling of connectivity and fluidity. Symbolizing eternity, empowerment, and even everlasting love. On a spiritual level we feel it reminds us of the never ending flow and connection Spirit (Universe) has in our lives. A reminder to give as well as take in all aspects of our life so that our cup never empties but always reminds full.
These malas are made with 200 hand selected gemstone (crystal) beads of supreme quality. They are hand knotted by Devin after each stone, sealing in powerful vibration, beautiful positivity and affirmation. Nylon cord is used as we've found it is the strongest when stress and strength tested for durability as well as practically. Reaching a length of just over 3ft when the mala is worn properly around the neck it will hang roughly 18inches which is a 'standard' traditional mala length.
We do except custom orders/request. Reach out anytime at - support@lovelightandlegacy.us
These malas are *made to order* so as they can be made FOR YOU (though they can also be gifted or passed along). Please allow up to 2 weeks for your mala to be crafted, created and shipped. All Infinity Mala™ ship via USPS with tracking and insurance. Shipping is INCLUDED in the price of the mala. You can also choose to UPGRADE to our Mala Bundle + package by choosing it in the drop down - this bundle features your mala made to order, our beautiful handmade and engraved black wooden mala box with your choice of standard affirmational message or custom message, a sage bundle, hand picked crystal, matching mala bracelet AND hand picked essential oil. Our boxes become the perfect place for sacred spiritual gifts and tools and with it's beautiful size and felt bottom it's sure to be elegant in any space.

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