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Online Spiritual Retreat


You've found yourself here inquiring for a reason, and for that I thank you! Sweet Soul, I know - I get it, I've been there and wished the same things. So why not go away for a weekend, experience Spirit and connection like never before and have that retreat? Because - kids. Because - fur babies. Because - hello money! Because there's a lot of things and spirituality, although it should come first, typically comes second. I'm a busy mom of 2 and even busier boss of 2 successful shops and I get it. So run away with me for a day filled with support, care, spirit and more.


Happening August 26th (a Saturday) I'm hosting my first ever Spiritual Retreat and the best part? It's all done completely online. So take the day, drop the kids off at moms and hunker down in home with me to create a space of practice and peace. This LIVE online Retreat will be done via a completely private Facebook group with 4 instructors, including myself.


Classes, meditations, group activity, readings, discussions and more will go on throughout the entire day (excited, keep reading for a tentative schedule for the day!). Plus there will be a prize drawn during the closing blessing, 1 lucky attendee's name will be drawn from a hat and receive a custom mala from me, Love, Light & Legacy! And you all know I wouldn't leave you out so of course - I've got something custom for every single one of you that will be delivered in the mail to your house a week or so after the Retreat, an intention filled thank you from me to honor you.


Look it's a stress free, be free event.

Show up when you want, how you want. And best of all - if you miss an event, you can watch the replay!

The Facebook group will only archive (close) after 30 days of opening. So you'll have plenty of time to catch up, redo and enjoy the Retreat content and even interact with all the instructors. Even after the group is archived on Facebook you can still view all the content - you just won't be able to comment or interact.


The group opens the Monday prior to the Retreat (Aug 21st) giving everyone time to meet and greet, even share a story or two if they'd like.


This Retreat will focus on Self-Care with the undertone of Spirituality.

The Retreat's tentative schedule is as follows:

6 - 6:30 AM - Morning devotion/meditation (with Devin)

8 - 8:30 AM - Coffee & Cards (with Devin)

9:30 - 10:30 - Class #1 (with Shannon)

10:30 - 11:30 - Class #2 (with Devin)

1 - 1:30pm - Reflection (hosted by Devin)

1:30 - 2pm - Mid-day Meditation (guided Shannon)

2 - 3pm - Class #3 (with Analisa)

3 - 4pm - Group Activity (hosted by Devin)

4 - 5pm - Class #4 (with Devin)

6 - 6:30pm - Yoga (hosted by Alexis)

6:30 - 7pm - Blessing/Prize Announcement/Closing

7 - 8pm - Open Channel for Group *this is a time where attendees can go live and share their experience, pose questions to the group and just interact how they feel led. This is not a mandatory thing, but just an option at the end of the day for anyone willing to share break throughs they may have had.


Classes will be updated as we get closer to our Retreat date, but rest assured everything will be focused on getting you to feel comfortable with self and Spirit. This Retreat is meant to be that long breath of fresh air after being stuffed up for so long.


Emails will go out to attendees the Monday prior with information on how to get into the Retreat along with a material list and final schedule. Our material list will be simple, we don't want you to have to spend more money so just expect pen and paper :) our final schedule will also be announced with the time zone set. Right now we are tentatively booking it in the Eastern Time zone because Devin (the lead on the Retreat is EST), but if we have an overwhelming number of people outside this zone we will accommodate their zone for convenience.


Questions before sign up? DM @mysticmoons_tarot privately on Instagram or email


Payment plans ARE available with payment required IN FULL by the day BEFORE the Retreat (Aug. 25th). Payment plans are done on an INDIVIDUAL bases so please see the above on how to get in contact. Remember our instructors are not doing this for free, this event is professional and designed for your success. Your registration helps pay for their time and energy :)


This Retreat DOES have a minimum, if we do not meet our minimum the Retreat will be CANCELED/RESCHEDULED and those who have paid will be offered a full refund or if rescheduled we will give the option to the attendee to participate in the the rescheduled event. We will NOT hold you money if we do not provide our August 26th service, however whether you pay in full or in payments - NO MONIES will be refunded for those who decide to back out as we are investing valuable time, money, energy and resources into kicking off this virtual Retreat, plus even if an attendee can not make the LIVE Retreat day, everything will be available for replay/use.