ReBalanced Intuition & Magic

ReBalanced Intuition & Magic

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One of the hardest things to find this day is our balance.. let alone our peace, sanity, passion, purpose. Queue the ongoing list right? Our ReBalance series of malas is intended to support as well as realign it's why it's very core creation is based off the simplicity of symmetry. With Clear Quartz on top and Clear Quartz on bottom your body will naturally align and connect into your malas natural healing properties. Clear Quartz was chosen not just for this however, it also amplifies the properties of other stones! So what better best friend to some amazing top notch crystals then it!? But in case you like to know more - as I always do, Clear Quartz also: promotes harmony, energizes, brings calm as well as clarity.


You are looking at ReBalanced Intuition & Magic, a mala designed to help the mystic. This mala helps to enhance one's natural gifts and abilities while also bringing a spark of magic to their life. The base crystals (meaning the crystals emphasized in this piece) are Amethyst and Black Moonstone. Overall this mala reduces anxieties, especially when dealing with social situations, performing divination readings/rituals, and connecting with Spirit. It is a beautiful piece for wear and meditation.


Amethyst is a stone often referred to as the 'recovery stone' as it helps with sobriety of all types including decluttering and distressing one's life. Amethyst brings spiritual awareness to the forefront of the individuals mind while enhancing psychic abilities, but it also promotes inner peace and healing from a mind, body, soul perspective. On top of this Amethyst is a good communicator bringing an enhancement when used/worn during readings or rituals that involve spirit communication/action.  


Black Moonstone, heard mostly as the 'womb stone' enhances feminine energies. It increases ones intuition and inner knowing. Having all the properties of traditional Moonstone we see a uniqueness with Black Moonstone for its ability to improve concentration.


This mala is made with:

  • 108 authentic 8mm gemstone crystal beads

  • nylon cord

  • silk tassel *optional at checkout

  • sterling silver accents


Each mala comes with it's own mala box, information about the mala (date it was created, affirmation used when knotting and types of crystals used), mala prayer and *new* 20 Day mala challenge card.

Crystals should not be used to replace medical treatment. For medical advice please consult a licensed healthcare specialist.