Sacred Circle Candles™

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In December of 2017 we launched our new line of all natural soy wax and phthalate free fragrance candles. Named appropriately our candles are handmade and crafted by both myself and my husband (who wood burns each candle lid/grid himself), I hand pour the wax and after my husband crushes the Clear Quartz I use it to top of these beautiful pieces. But there's more - each lid is then smudged and adorned with crystals to complete it's grid intention. Each month our fragrance and crystals change.

We chose to use the sacred symbol of the Flower of Life, as it's considered by many to contain deep spiritual meaning as well as threads of enlightenment. This grid setup can amplify intentions and set your manifestations on fire and motion. Grids have long time be used for these jobs but also can vastly change the atmosphere of a room or home. As much as the symbol is sacred the crystals matter too!

Each month we'll update our item description here to reflect what is being sold as this will change with each month and potentially with each batch of candles. Our next batch is scheduled for November 2nd at 10am EST, we only will have 50 candles available to purchase. *Note we offer our members (#3LTRIBE members subscribed at prebuy 24hrs prior to our set shop sale date. For example in this case April 1st Tribe members will be allowed to buy. In most cases we sell out before we general public can purchase.

October's candle info:- 22oz Jar - All natural soy wax - light dye gives it an orange hue - topped with blessed Rosemary Sage - smells of the best parts of Fall. This candle features a Tigerseye center, Amethyst and Emerald grid lid. The candle is meant to protect, ground and center allowing one to truly be themselves.
**We recommend looking up the crystals properties to learn more on how you can utilize this candle more throughout the month.