Take a Moment Box

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We all have the same 24hrs so how is it then some can do so much while others of us feel like our clock hands spin faster? The Take a Moment Box was designed after my own need and personal spiritual practice. Inspired by the act of mindfulness and concepts taught throughout Buddhism we have created a monthly subscription service that delivers to your door some small things that can create big waves. Helping to affect your overall mental and spiritual health in a big way.

Boxes ship each month ON OR BEFORE the 15th. Each month on the 1st we announce the month's contents and theme. Buy 1 time or subscribe and save.

Boxes include:

(1) theme card that includes instructions and a note to you addressed personally.

(1) 9oz. hand poured for you soy wax candle with intentional label.

(3) matching (the 9oz) tealight candles to give to friends/family, keep and use for self or ritual, take to the work place or really whatever you'll like to use them for.


These boxes are packed with love and care out of our PA home. Each month our labels change, scent changes and intention/impact changes. Cancel your subscription anytime or simply buy the boxes you feel most called to.